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During these uncertain and unpredictable times, it’s never a bad time to find more possible ways to save on home insurance.

There are some discounts that are the industry standard, such as:


Home and Auto Bundle Discount/ Multipolicy Discount

Insurance companies have a tendency to give discounts when more than one insurance policy is purchased. Discounts vary depending on the insurance provider.


Claims Free Discount

Being claims free for a long period of time (such as 5 or 10 years) can earn a discount. Making sure claims aren’t filed for every minor damage could end up with saving more in the long run than the amount of compensation received for claiming small damages.


Loyal Customers Discount

Loyal customers can get a discount on their policies, provided there have been no filed claims for a designated period of time.


Raising Your Deductible Discount

A deductible is the amount of money that a policyholder will have to pay in case of an accident or damage before the insurance company steps in and compensates. Raising this amount will save you on your insurance policy.


Gated Communities Discount

Homes in gated communities, highly secure neighborhoods, or with a security patrol service can receive discounts.


Home Security System/ Alarm Discount

Home security systems will result in discounts on your policy. Having a security system installed in and around the home means that there’s a lower risk of theft or fires and other accidents. Having an alarm system is seen as a lower risk of claims to an insurance provider.


New Construction or Renovations Discounts

If the home is newly constructed, you may be offered a discount since a new house means lesser chances of accidents or damages, such as roof damage, wiring malfunctions or pipe bursts.

Renovating a home, such as putting on a new roof can provide additional discounts.  


Retiree Discount

Retirees, who are over the age of 55, can enjoy discounts from insurance companies. Insurance companies surmise that the majority of their time will be spent at home and can find or prevent any accidents before they turn into big events causing large claims.


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