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A week ago today most of Central Florida was preparing for what was expected to be a direct hit from Hurricane Dorian.  We saw how quickly it grew into a massive storm and how important it is to prepare and be cautious as it’s track continuously changed.  For the most part, Central Florida was spared from sever damage, however it is always better to be prepared than not.

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Storm Recover Tips:

  • If you were evacuated, return home once authorities have deemed it safe.
  • Mitigate additional damages by arranging for reasonable temporary repairs.
  • Maintain records of any expenses you incur due to the storm, for example receipts for any temporary repairs.
  • Take photographs of any damage even if you think it’s minor.
  • Be careful when lifting heavy objects and use
  • If you suffered tree damage, your state and local municipality may help with removal; if not, you’ll want to contact a tree expert to assess the damage.
  • Thorough yard clean up may be needed, especially if you have branches leaves or other debris in your yard and remember to clean up debris that may have blown around shrubs as well.
  • Check for leaks by walking the interior of your home and looking for any water spots on the ceilings.
  • Avoid downed power lines, or anything in contact with power lines, including water puddles.


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