Risk Tip: Storm Preparedness - Laureate Insurance Partners Risk Tip: Storm Preparedness - Laureate Insurance Partners

While we hope the storm doesn’t impact you or your family, we want all of you to know that we are fully prepared to help you or your business in the event you are impacted by the storm. 


Please take a moment to review the vital information below that will help you and your business weather the storm. We have also included some helpful links to websites that can help you minimize the impact of serious weather events.



If you need to report a claim, please contact the insurance company directly. This will ensure the fastest service and processing. We also have a list of contact info available can be found here.


If you need to contact us directly, we can be reached at 407.675.3880. It is important to note, claims cannot be submitted through this line – they need to be reported to your insurance company



  • Document: Take photos and video before the storm to create an inventory of your belongings and after to document damage if you have a claim.
  • Take precautionary measures: One of the most important things you can do is to prevent further damage. If you have damage, make sure your property is secure, board broken windows, dry carpets and tarp or board damaged roofs. Don’t attempt any major non-emergency repairs until the adjuster can see the damage. Take photos of damage. Keep receipts of emergency supplies and temporary accommodations.
  • File the claim with your insurer: Claims are handled in the order they are received so getting the claim reported to the insurer is key. If you are not in the area, be sure to check with local government resources and/or FEMA to determine if it is safe to re-enter the area. 
  • How to speed up the claim process:
    • Get 2-3 repair estimates for the adjuster to review, including their preferred vendors.
    • Send photos of damage, including photos before damage if possible, to adjuster.
    • Create a list of damaged property, including description, cost and receipt if possible.
    • Keep damaged property for the adjuster to review – some policies, such as flood insurance, require that you retain damaged property for an inspection. While you may wish to remove the soggy carpeting so mold doesn’t develop, refrain from having the damaged items hauled away until the adjuster approves doing so.
    • Keep a detailed journal of your emails, calls with insurance companies and adjusters so you can proactively manage the process.
    • Be cautious of “assignment of benefits” scams. The contract may include terms such as “for insurance proceeds” or “assignment of benefits”.
    • Take photographs of the following: the outside of the premises showing the flooding and the damage to the building and the water lines of the exterior and interior of the building using a tape measure showing the height of the water in and around your building.


    The links below include tips on how to keep your home and family safe, ideas on what to do post-storm, steps to take in the event of a claim, among other useful websites.


    Call us at 407.675.3880


    As always, thank you for the trust you’ve placed in us to protect your property with your insurance coverage. Be safe both before and after the storm!

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