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Tips on Preventing Water Damage

Here are a few tips to prevent water damage: 

·        Leaky plumbing and water heaters – plumbing should be inspected annually and repaired for signs of leaks or corrosion. 

·        Clogged drain lines on air conditioning units – check air-conditioning drain lines annually.

·        Leaks from washing machine hoses, refrigerators and ice makers – inspect these annually and replace them every three to five years – or immediately, if signs of cracking or bulging appear. 

·        Water shutoff valves – teach everyone in your household how to close off valves to the main water supply in the house. Check the foundation – inspect your foundation walls and floors for cracks. Move the gutter downspouts a minimal of 3 feet away from the base. 

·        Pressure testing gauge – a major cause of leaks and burst pipes is stress and strain from water pressure set too high.  Most hardware stores sell a simple, inexpensive water pressure gauge. For an accurate reading of your water pressure, attach the gauge to an outdoor faucet, then turn the faucet on full force. If the number is above the recommended PSI, you will likely need to purchase a pressure-reducing valve. 

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