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Take a minute to think about the last interesting conversation you had. Our bet is that it probably wasn’t about insurance. Our team at Laureate Insurance Partners completely understands and we are here to help. We’re “insurance geeks” and wear that badge proudly (we don’t actually have badges, but that would be cool).  

Having an “insurance geek” in your corner will definitely come in handy as you move through the different stages of your life. The knowledge that a licensed expert has your back can be very reassuring. That is the reason Laureate Insurance was created, to keep clients protected from risk and give them peace of mind. Living and working in the Lake Nona community, our team understands the importance of being a trustworthy neighbor and being there for our clients when things are good, or if an unfortunate event happens. This allows our clients to feel safe and protected and allows them to focus on their dreams, purpose and passions.

Launched in 2018, Laureate Insurance Partners was designed to fulfill the unique needs of Lake Nona and its residents. We are thrilled to be a part of our close-knit community. Unlike other insurance companies that provide impersonal transactions, Laureate Insurance takes a comprehensive approach to crafting unique coverage plans, specific to those living in the Lake Nona community. We offer protection for your home, vehicles, business, boat, golf cart, and much more.

When you work with Laureate Insurance, you’re matched with a Risk Advisor that will get to know your personal risk exposures and help you to select an affordable, tailored solution that complements your current lifestyle and protects your future. Florida native and an Orlando local, Julie Newman, has been a Risk Advisor at Laureate Insurance since opening in 2018 and is enthusiastically active in the Lake Nona community. Newman has nearly a decade of experience in Property & Casualty Insurance and over 15 years in client-oriented environments. Newman tells us, “I love meeting new people and helping others. Every person has a different life story, situation and insurance need so it keeps my job very interesting. Most people don’t understand how much or what kind of coverage is sufficient for them and their lifestyle. That’s why I find it fulfilling to educate and advise my clients, as well as giving guidance on what policies best fit their needs and what options are available to them.”

Community commitment is a vital part of the business for Laureate Insurance; we strive to be involved through volunteer and fundraising efforts. Newman has worked with organizations such as Ronald McDonald House, the American Diabetes Association through the Tour De Cure, Homes for Dogs Project and the Clean the World Foundation helping with disaster relief after Hurricane Michael. Our community-focused approach and specialized expertise enables us to go the extra mile to help individuals, families, and local business owners.

We want to make the community better by helping our clients and neighbors stay educated about the risks in our area. We’re passionate about educating the community of Lake Nona on the basics and intricacies of insurance. Using customized products that best fit Lake Nona residents, Laureate Insurance is the go-to resource for those who have any questions about insurance or their coverage options.

If you or someone you know is interested in discussing coverage options, please visit our office at 13630 Sachs Ave., Suite 100 Orlando, FL 32827 (in Laureate Park). If you are interested in more information or would like a quote, you can email us at info@laureateinsurance.com or call 407.675.3880 to speak with an advisor today.  

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