Risk Tip: Lightning Safety - Laureate Insurance Partners Risk Tip: Lightning Safety - Laureate Insurance Partners

Lightning can cause damage to you, your home, and your valuables. It’s critical to take steps to prevent the dangerous effects of lightning and to keep you and your family safe. We’ve laid out some ways you can protect yourself below. 



The standard homeowners and business insurance policies, and the comprehensive portion of an auto insurance policy covers fire damage as a result from lightning strikes. Some policies may also provide coverage for the damage caused by power surges.


Electrical surges from lightning can enter a structure via power lines and cause electrical fires as well as damage to your electrical system, your appliances and your home electronics. The best way to prevent this is to make sure your electronics are plugged into a UL-listed surge protector. 



When you hear thunder, it’s time to go inside. Don’t stand near open windows, doorways or metal piping. Stay off the phone and avoid contact with small appliances, like toasters and hairdryers. Since water conducts electricity, also stay away from plumbing, sinks, tubs and radiators.


If you know a storm is coming, avoid hazardous locations. Large open fields and bodies of water are huge hazards during storms. Try your best to avoid places such as the beach, pools, golf courses, etc.


If you are caught outside in a thunderstorm, take shelter. Stay clear of fences, isolated trees and other conductive objects such as telephone poles, power lines and pipelines. These present a danger from a potential side flash, which is voltage from a nearby, lightning-struck object.

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