Spring Home Maintenance - Laureate Insurance Partners Spring Home Maintenance - Laureate Insurance Partners

Inspect your trees: The goal is to detect any dead branches or rot that could cause branches to fall, which can damage your or your neighbor’s home, catch fire, or injure someone.


Check and clean your gutters: Hurricane season is coming up and large amounts of rain could build up in the gutters, which makes you susceptible to water damage down the line. 


Inspect the outside of your house: Take a walk around your home to look for anything that needs repairs: cracks in cement, missing shingles, loose steps, etc. Take note and then make or schedule repairs as needed to keep your home well sealed and safe.


Give your plumbing a check: Check for dripping faucets, running toilets, and look in the tank of your toilets to see how the flapper valve is doing. Worn flappers cause toilets to run, so you can prevent this problem by catching it in time. Trust us, you’ll feel like a hero in your house if you do. 


Check smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors: Preventing fire damage is much easier with a working smoke detector, but we all need a reminder to check our alarms. Consider doing it every time you change your clocks so it gets ingrained into your routine. 


Download and print out our handy dandy home maintenance schedule to keep up up-to-date all year long!

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