Key Things to Know
about Back to School Tax Free Weekend 2019 

It lasts 5 days
vs. last year’s 3 days Friday, August 2nd
– Tuesday, August 6

at least 6% in state and local taxes on things such as: 

o   Computers
up to $1,000 (non-commercial use only) 

o   Shoes
for less than $60 

o   Miscellaneous
school supplies up to $15 

Coupons and other
discounts still apply during this holiday 


Primary categories
and examples for each are below so you can properly plan out your shopping
lists and take advantage of the savings! 


Computers and
related accessories

Desktops and
laptops or tables 

Book readers 

Printers and ink

Headphones and/or

Routers, scanners
and software 


Clothing and

Blouses, shirts,
underclothes, etc 

Fitness clothing 

Backpacks and



Bicycle helmets


School supplies 

Paper (includes
notebooks, legal pads, construction paper etc) 

Writing Utensils
(includes pens, pencils, crayons, markers, etc) 

Misc. Items such
as glue, calculators, rulers, protractors and more